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How to get a barrier block in Minecraft

Barrier blocks are one of minecraft’s most hidden and undiscovered blocks. Even so, they are far more useful than you might think. This blog post will highlight everything there is to know about barrier blocks and how to get them.
Like command blocks, the only way to get barriers is through commands. Open the chat window in Minecraft by pressing “t” and type the following command: “/give @s barrier”. If you need more than one barrier, add a space to the above command and type the needed number (e.g. /give @s barrier 64). Unlike command blocks however, barriers can be placed in survival mode.

What do barrier blocks do?

Barrier blocks are invisible blocks but act as full ones. If you were to walk into a barrier block, you would be stopped, even though the block itself is invisible. The only indication that a barrier block exists in a world is the outline of the block that appears when your mouse hovers over it. Barrier blocks cannot be broken in survival mode; either by tools or explosions.
Fun Fact: If placed against a block, barriers can replace water giving way for some interesting builds!

How can I use barrier blocks?

Barrier blocks are a fun way to trick your friends. You can use them to prevent your friend from making an easy jump or to make an invisible maze. You can also amaze your friends by seemingly standing on air in survival mode. Remember that barriers apply to you, even in creative mode!
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