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How to get a hoe in Minecraft

Hoes are a forgotten but useful item in Minecraft. This blog post will show you how to get hoes and how to use them.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire two sticks.
2. Acquire two planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamond ingots.
3. Place any of the two items you got in the top of the crafting table and place the sticks in the center cell and the bottom middle cell.

Method 2 (Finding)

1. Find a village.
2. Find a toolsmith or assign a job to a villager.
3. They have a chance to sell you a stone/diamond hoe (depending on their level).

Uses of Hoe in Minecraft

Hoes can be used to till dirt and plant crops such as carrots and potatoes. They are the only way to plant these vegetables. Hoes can also mine blocks such as hay, and moss really fast.
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