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How big is a Minecraft world?

For all intents and purposes the Minecraft world is infinite. However, there is a limit. A Minecraft world is a 60 million x 60 million square (of blocks) with a depth of 384 blocks. That’s a volume of 1.3824e+18 cubic meters? Massive.

Traveling to the edge of the world

Players have spent large majorities of time traveling to the “world border” or the edge of the Minecraft world. There, you see a large blue world border that is impossible to cross. Of course, you could simply teleport there using creative mode.

Quick Travel

Some players that have traveled to the world border have done so through the nether as one block traveled in the nether is 8 blocks in the overworld. That’s 8 times as fast!

Fun Fact

The Minecraft world is easily larger than the Earth and significantly larger than other planets as well!
In conclusion, every Minecraft world that you spawn into has essentially an infinity of resources. It’s up to you to utilize them all!
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