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What is aqua affinity in Minecraft?

Aqua affinity is an exclusively helmet Minecraft enchantment that increases a player’s mining speed underwater.

How do I obtain aqua affinity?

You can obtain aqua affinity by using an enchantment book and an anvil or enchanting table. There is only one level of aqua affinity, simply increasing your mining speed underwater.

Practical Usage

Oftentimes you might find yourself mining underwater. In this scenario aqua affinity is perfect as it decreases the time you need to spend underwater mining ensuring that you don’t drown. Also aqua affinity can be good for escaping from a chase underwater, especially if others don’t have the enchantment.


Aqua affinity is compatible with almost all other helmet enchantments in Minecraft. It can be paired with Depth Strider (link blog post here) on your boots to improve your underwater experience.

Fun Fact

Try aqua affinity with a turtle helmet. The turtle helmet will give you more breathing time underwater, perfect with the enchantment!
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