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How do you breed dogs in Minecraft?

A dog is a worthwhile investment as a friend and protector in Minecraft. This blog post will highlight how a player can interact with dogs as well as how you can amass an army by breeding two dogs together.


To breed dogs, find two wolves in close proximity to each other. Feed each of them a piece of meat (e.g. porkchop) and they will enter love mode. Once they enter love mode, the two dogs will breed together and produce a baby dog.

Be Careful!

When breeding two dogs, make sure not to accidentally hit one of them as the entire wolf pack they belong to will proceed to attack you and possibly kill you!


Once you have bred two dogs (and as a result have three) you can feed your dogs by simply feeding them meat such as rotten flesh. This will also increase their health if they are low.


One of the unique capabilities of a dog is to protect its owner. If you attack a mob or a player the dog will help you attack doing actual damage. Likewise, if a mob or player attacks you, the dog will attack it. However, a player or mob can damage or even kill your dog so make sure to keep feeding it!

Fun Fact

The 1.21 Minecraft update added several wolf and dog variants. More friends!
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