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How to find a swamp in Minecraft

Swamps are an incredibly useful Minecraft biome! This blog post will highlight how to find one as well as how you can take advantage of swamps.

Finding a swamp

Swamps can be found in almost every Minecraft climate type except the snowy climate! So, if you start to see a snowy tundra or other similar biome, try to enter a different climate region soon. Also, swamps are generally found on relatively flat terrain.
Swamps are one of Minecraft’s rarer biomes so the easiest way of location is generally to fly around with an elytra.

Swamp usage

Slimes: Slimes are guaranteed to spawn in swamps and so this biome can be great if you need a bunch of slimeballs for items such as sticky pistons.
Witch huts: Witch huts are only found in swamps. Inside witch huts you can find a black cat and even potions!
Diamonds: In previous versions of the game, clay clusters in swamps could be used to find diamonds!

Fun Fact

Although villages don’t spawn in swamps, if you spawn a villager in a swamp it will have a swampy skin/texture!
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