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How to get a leash in Minecraft

Leashes or leads are a very useful item in MInecraft. They can be used to move certain mobs and entities. This blog post will highlight every way to get a lead and their uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire four string and a slime ball.
2. Open a crafting table.
3. Place the above items in the formation shown below.
4. Craft two leads!

Method 2 (Chest Loot)

Leads can be found in structures such as woodland mansions and ancient cities. In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, they can be found in buried treasure chests.

Method 3 (Mob Drops)

1. Find a wandering trader. They spawn randomly throughout your world.
2. Kill either the trader or the llamas that it has leashed.
3. They will drop leads upon death. You can pick them up.


Leads can be used to transport mobs such as pigs and cows (right click on them with a lead). Unfortunately, leads cannot be used to transport villagers and a few other mobs. There are solutions however; you can get unleashed mobs in boats and then leash the boats away. If the mob/entity you are leashing gets two far away from you, the leash will break and drop as an item.
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