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How to make a clock in Minecraft

Clocks are a useful Minecaft block that can be used to tell the time in Minecraft. This blog post will show you how to get them and their uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire four gold ingots and one piece of redstone.
2. Place the redstone in the center slot of the crafting table and the four gold ingots in the four edge slots.
3. Craft one clock!

Method 2 (using Chests)

1. Locate a shipwreck or ruined portal.
2. There is a chance you could get a clock in one of the chests (note that for shipwrecks, only the map chests can have clocks).

Method 3 (Trading)

1. Find a village and locate a librarian villager.
2. Level it up to “expert”.
3. There is a chance it will sell a clock for five (Java) or four (Bedrock) emeralds.

Uses of Clocks

Clocks are a great way to tell time in Minecraft, especially if you are underground in a cave. They show the sun/moon’s position in the sky. For example, if you see the sun in the middle of the clock, you know it is noon. If you see the moon in the middle of the clock, you know it is midnight. Clocks are also nice decorations. Just hang them up in an item frame!
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