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How to get brown dye in Minecraft

Compared to other dyes, brown dye is an extremely rare and hard to obtain dye in Minecraft. This blog post will highlight all the ways to obtain brown dye and its uses!

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Locate a jungle.
2. Find a cocoa pod on the trees, and break it. You will obtain cocoa beans.
3. Use a crafting grid or table to craft the cocoa beans into brown dye.

Method 2 (Shearing)

1. Find a brown sheep. Unfortunately, brown sheep are extremely rare and only about three percent of sheep that spawn in Minecraft will be brown.
2. (Optional). Use two irons in a diagonal formation to craft shears.
3. Use the shears to shear the sheep of its wool. If you do not have shears, simply kill the sheep (note that by killing the sheep, you obtain less wool than shearing it).

Uses of Brown Dye in Minecraft

Like all Minecraft dyes, brown dye can be used to dye several items. These items include beds, terracotta, wool, shulker boxes, and concrete. Using brown dye expands the range of color you can use in your builds, and is definitely an essential!
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