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What do pigs eat in Minecraft?

Pigs are an extremely common Minecraft mob, and it is fairly easy to use their abundance to your advantage. This blog post will show you how and why to feed pigs in Minecraft so you can breed them for food and other resources.

What do pigs eat?

Minecraft pigs are picky eaters and will only accept carrots from a player. By holding out a carrot, you can attract a pig towards your character, and by right clicking on the pig, you can feed it. You can tell that you have fed the pig with the resulting heart animations that follow.

Where can I get carrots?

Carrots are one of the notoriously hard vegetables to obtain in Minecraft because of their rarity. Carrots can only be naturally found in loot chests or in villages. However, if you find even one carrot, you can farm it using a hoe and bone meal to multiply your quantity.

Why should I feed pigs?

As with other Minecraft mobs, you can breed pigs to exponentially increase their population. By feeding two pigs fairly close to each other with carrots, you can breed them which will result in a baby pig. You can feed a baby pig carrots to speed up its growth until it becomes fully grown. Once you have amassed a large population of pigs, you can reap beneficial resources.

What resources do pigs provide?

Pigs are a good resource for food. By killing them, you obtain pork chops which are one of the best food sources in the game.


Pigs are an extremely common and useful Minecraft mob, and by feeding them with carrots you can reap the massive benefits of their abundance!
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