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How to get leaves in Minecraft

Leaves are a very useful block in Minecraft. Their abundance is so valuable and this blog post will highlight all the ways to capitalize on that abundance.

Method (Shears)

1. Craft shears with two iron ingots in a diagonal formation (you can also trade for shears).
2. Find a tree.
3. Mine the leaves on the tree with the shears.
4. Not only will the shears drop as blocks, and insta-mine; you will get more than one shear block per block you actually get!

Uses of Leaves

Leaves can be used as a reliable building block. You can use them for blocks in the nether, for example, as they are an abundant resource that is easy to obtain. The only downside is that leaves don’t have a high blast resistance or breaking time. So be careful of being spleefed by your friends, or Ghasts in the nether!

Fun Fact about Leaves

Depending on what biome you are in, leaves will have a different color. Leaves in a taiga will have a darker green color than leaves in a forest!
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