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Poisonous Potatoes in Minecraft

The poisonous potato is known to be one of the most useless Minecraft items. Take a look at the poisonous potato verses its counterpart: the potato.

Obtaining a Potato

Village Farms: Find a village and search for their crops. You could find beets or carrots, but there is a pretty good chance you’ll find some potatoes.
Dropped by Zombie: Upon death, zombies (along with their other variants such as husks) have a chance of dropping a potato.
Pillager Outpost: At the top of a Pillager Outpost, lies a chest. There is a chance of potatoes being inside - beware though, the pillagers guard their loot to the death.
Shipwreck: There is a chance of potatoes generating in the food chest of a shipwreck which is located towards the stern. This chest does not always generate inside a shipwreck.

Using a Potato

Villager Trading (Potatoes for Emeralds): A novice level farmer villager will offer you one emerald for twenty-six potatoes.
Compostable: Potatoes can be put inside a composter which will further work its way into making bonemeal.
Replantable: Potatoes can be replanted on tilled dirt, making sure you always have an infinite supply.
Food (for Players and Pigs): Potatoes can be eaten by the player though they are not a recommended food source as they only provide half a hunger bar. Potatoes can also be used to feed and breed pigs.
Can be baked (baked potato provides more hunger points): Baked Potatoes provide two and a half hunger bars (five times more than their raw counterparts) making them a cheap but effective food source for your survival world.

Obtaining a Poisonous Potato

Chance to drop when breaking Potato crops: There is a small chance that when breaking a potato crop, you get a poisonous one instead.
Shipwreck: Like normal potatoes, poisonous potatoes can be found in the food chest of a shipwreck, located towards to stern. This chest does not always generate inside a shipwreck.

Using a Poisonous Potato

Food (along with the chance of being poisoned): Poisonous potatoes can be used as food. Eat them only in dire circumstances though, because they have a high chance of giving you poison.
The poisonous potato has little to no use in Minecraft and is well known amongst the community as one of the most useless items in the game. It’s counterpart, the potato, is a seldom used item but it has more than triple the uses. So, if you get your hands on a poisonous potato, throw it out; it’s a waste of space in your inventory!

Fun Fact

Poisonous Potatoes actually provide double the hunger points than a real potato. So, if you’re really low on food, try your luck at eating one and hope you don’t get poisoned!
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