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How to get an obsidian in Minecraft

Obsidian is a very useful Minecraft block. It is used to make many late game items as well as give you entry to the nether dimension. This blog post will highlight all ways to get the coveted block.

Method 1 (Piglin Bartering)

1. Locate a piglin in the nether (note that to get into the nether you will most likely need obsidian so if you don’t have access to the nether you might want to choose a different method).
2. Drop gold ingots to the piglin. There’s about a ten percent chance of it giving you obsidian in return.

Method 2 (Mining)

1. Acquire either a netherite or diamond pickaxe.
2. Locate obsidian, either from a ruined portal or by running water over a lava pool.
3. Use the pickaxe to mine the obsidian. Note that if you do not use the two pickaxes mentioned above you will not be able to pick up the block, as it will not drop anything.

Method 3 (Chests)

Some structures can have obsidian inside of their chests. These are structures such as ruined portals, villages, nether fortresses, and bastions. Some chests in these structures have a chance to hold obsidian.

Method 4 (Ender Chest)

If you have an ender chest and break it without a silk touch pickaxe. The chest will drop 8 obsidian instead of itself as a block.


Obsidian has many uses, such as creating nether portals, making enchantment tables, placing end crystals upon and making beacons. Without obsidian, it would be very difficult to progress in the game. Along with that, obsidian is one of the hardest blocks to break in the game and is almost impossible to blow up with tnt.

Crying Obsidian

Crying obsidian is a variant of obsidian that has almost no use. It cannot be used to make nether portals and can be obtained from bastion chests, ruined portals, and piglin bartering. It is hard to break and has a high blast resistance. It can be used to craft respawn anchors which let you respawn in the nether.

Fun Fact

Obtaining obsidian gives you the achievement: “ice bucket challenge” and obtaining crying obsidian gives you the achievement: “who is cutting onions”.
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