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How to build a roof in Minecraft

Why do you need a roof?

Roofs are an essential part of any Minecraft build, but apart from aesthetic purposes, some might question why roofs are even useful.

Reason 1 (Phantoms)

Phantoms are hostile mobs that spawn during night and attack if you haven’t slept recently. If you want to be able to pull off some nighttime activity in your base, a roof is very, very useful.

Reason 2 (Rain)

While rain does not affect a player in Minecraft, it is annoying. It can prevent you from seeing very far on your screen no matter how high your brightness is (you might not be able to tell if it is day or night!). A roof easily stops this and you need not worry about rain anymore.

How do you build a roof?

Now that you want to build a roof, the rest of this blog will show you how to. Lets step away from the simple method of placing one layer of blocks for your roof and calling it a day. These methods will really help look your base just a bit nicer.

Method 1 (Slabs)

1. Place a simple one layer roof over your house to start.
2. As an overhang add slabs of the same block type around the edge of the house. Make sure you place the slabs towards the bottom of the original roof to generate a nice aesthetic feel.

Method 2 (Stairs)

1. Place a simple one layer roof over your house to start.
2. Remove the outer part of the roof. Make sure your house is still completely covered (see images below).
3. Place stairs as an overhang at the edge of the house.
4. Place stairs layer by layer; moving up.
5. Choose either step 6 or 7, not both.
6. Once your roof has reached desired elevation, you can decide to cap it off with slabs.
7. Keep going up and up until you can place more stairs. Be careful as if the dimensions of your roof are not exact (your roof is not square), you would be better off choosing option 1 as your roof.

Method 3 (Stairs)

1. Locate the two sides of your house that are neither the front or back (assuming your house is four sided).
2. Begin a staggered stair pattern starting from one side until the halfway point of the house. (see images below).
3. Do the same for the other side.
4. Add aesthetics such as overhang and replace a few blocks to make the roof look nicer.
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