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How to grow Bamboo in Minecraft

Bamboo is an extremely useful plant in Minecraft, but unfortunately it is very rare. This blog post will highlight how to get bamboo, grow it, and finally use it to make life easier for you in your Minecraft World!

Step 1 (Obtaining Bamboo)

Method 1 (Finding)

Bamboo is only found generating naturally in the jungle biome. Bamboo jungles, a specific type of jungle, have an abundance of bamboo within them. Bamboo chutes can be broken by simply breaking the bottom block of the chute that connects it to the ground. The whole plant will break, and drop a ton of bamboo.
Note: Bamboo breaks a tiny bit faster when mined by a sword.

Method 2 (Chest Loot)

Bamboo can be found in loot chests in both jungle temples and pyramids.

Step 2 (Growing)

Bamboo by itself grows quite fast, but if you want to speed up its growing process, simply use bonemeal to make the bamboo grow by a couple of blocks.

Step 3 (Usage)

Usage 1 (Pandas)

Bamboo can be used to feed and breed Pandas which spawn naturally and live in the jungle.

Usage 2 (Crafting)

Bamboo along with string can be crafted into scaffolding, an extremely useful block for any survival builders. Further, with two bambooks you can craft one stick which is quite useful considering how abundant bamboo is in a jungle.

Fun fact

Since bamboo is so easy to obtain once found, many speedrunners have used it to obtain speedruns for the fastest time to get to the build limit.
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