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How to make stripped wood in Minecraft

Stripped wood is a little known, but useful Minecraft block. This blog post will highlight how to obtain it and use it.

Method 1 (Finding)

1. Locate a village (prefferably a plains village).
2. Some houses might have stripped logs along their corners.
3. Mine them (an axe will speed up the process, but any tool is fine).
4. You’re done!

Method 2 (Stripping)

1. Find a tree.
2. Hold an axe and right click on one of the logs.
3. The log should be stripped, and all that’s left to do is mine it and pick it up!

Uses of Stripped Wood

Stripped logs are a popular block amongst builders as they help build the asthestic of their creations. In terms of crafting, they have the same abilities as their counterpart, the regular log. For example, they can be crafted into planks, help craft a campfire, etc.
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