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How to get flint and steel in Minecraft

Flint and steel is a very useful Minecraft item that is essential to progressing forward in many aspects of the game. This blog post will highlight all the ways to get a flint and steel for yourself and their uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire one flint by mining gravel, trading for it, or by finding it in loot chests.
2. Acquire one iron ingot by smelting iron or crafting them from nuggets or blocks.
3. Put the two items together in a crafting grid/table to craft your flint and steel!

Method 2 (Looting chests)

1. Find a ruined portal (in both the nether and overworld), or a nether fortress (nether only).
2. Look through the chests.
3. Such chests have a chance to have a flint and steel in them!

Uses of Flint and Steel

A flint and steel is used to ignite fires on a block (they can even ignite campfires and candles). This works on almost any block (although the fire can be put out with rain or plain water). They can also be used to charge tnt, creepers, and nether portals!

Fun Facts about Flint and Steel

Since a flint and steel has a defined durability, they can be crafted together to increase durability and can have enhancements such as unbreaking imposed on them.
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