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How to make a pressure plate in Minecraft

Pressure plates are a “must have” for trappers in Minecraft! The variety they bring to the table along with their usefulness is unparalleled! This blog post will show you all the ways to get pressure plates in Minecraft and their various uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Obtain two planks, pieces of stone, iron ingots, or gold ingots.
2. Put them next to each other in a crafting grid or table to craft a pressure plate!
3. Each of the ingredients above leads to a different type of pressure plate. Planks craft into a wooden pressure plate. Stone crafts into a stone pressure plate. Iron ingots craft into a heavy weighted pressure plate. Finally, Gold ingots craft into a light weighted pressure plate.

Method 2 (Finding)

1. Find a village; there is a chance that you will be able to find a wooden pressure plate.
2. Alternatively, find a desert temple. At the bottom you will find a stone pressure plate which can only be mined with a pickaxe. Be careful though; triggering it will give you a nasty surprise!

Uses of Pressue Plates

Pressure plates are insanely useful for Minecraft traps. If an entity steps on one, it triggers a redstone signal which can then do whatever you please. The different types of pressure plates offer different types of detection.
For instance, wooden pressure plates detect all entities on them, including players, mobs, and items.
Stone pressure plates on the other hand detect only players or mobs.
Finallyy, weighted pressure plates are similar to wooden ones, except they produce a different redstone signal depending on the weight of the entities on top of them.
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