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How to make Sandstone in Minecraft

Sandstone is an extremely abundant Minecraft block with several variants and applications. This blog post will show you how to obtain it and all of its uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Obtain four pieces of sand.
2. Place them in a crafting grid or table and you will be able to crat four pieces of sandstone.

Method 2 (Mining)

1. Obtain a pickaxe. Any type will work.
2. Find sandstone that has generated naturally. This can be in desert wells, desert villages, desert temples, ocean ruins or even in the desert, hidden under a layer of sand.
3. Mine the sandstone with your pickaxe. If you do not, you will not be able to pick it up.

Uses of Sandstone

Sandstone blocks are a great building choice if you want to have a desert or beach sort of vibe. They have many variants such as smooth, chiseled, and cut sandstone. These can all be crafted into stairs, slabs, and even walls. With all these different options, the possibilities are endless!
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