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How to make grass grow (faster) in Minecraft

In Minecraft, grass grows naturally, although it will take time. This blog post will teach you how to quicken that process as well as provide more information.

Growing Grass Quickly

To grow grass quickly, simply use bone meal to right click an area with grass blocks. Grass and flowers will instantly grow! Obtaining bone meal is simple. Just craft it using bones!

Mining Grass

You can use shears or a silk touch to mine grass and obtain it. To obtain a grass block you need a silk touch tool (preferably a shovel as it mines faster). Sheep are one of the few animals that can convert a grass block to a dirt block by eating the grass on top. This helps them regrow any wool. Enderman can also pick up grass blocks.


By mining grass without shears or silk touch, you have a chance to obtain seeds which you can use to grow wheat. You can also use grass in a composter.
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