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What does impaling do in Minecraft?

Impaling is an extremely useful Minecraft enchantment that increases the damage a trident does. Read this post to learn more!


Impaling can only be applied to a trident and, since the trident is a “water-weapon” only does extra damage to entities in water. In Java Edition, Impaling only works against underwater animals while in Bedrock Edition, Impaling works against any mob in water (e.g. a pig in rain).
The Impaling enchantment has five different levels (each level increasing the damage done) which can be applied to a trident using an enchantment book and an anvil or an enchantment table.


Impaling on a trident can be paired with both the loyalty and channeling enchantment (link other blog post here). However, the riptide enchantment can not be paired with impaling, making an interesting decision for a player.

Fun Fact

While tridents are usually used as a ranged weapon, they function pretty well as a melee weapon as well.
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