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How to make it rain in Minecraft

Rain is a weather occurrence in Minecraft that most player’s abhor. This blog post will highlight everything you need to know about rain, how to stop it, and how to make it occur.

Making it rain

In Minecraft, there is nothing you can do to make it rain without cheats; you just have to wait. If you are fine with using commands, simply type “/weather rain” in the chat window and the rain should fall.

Preventing Rain

To stop rain from happening in the first place, you need to turn off the weather cycle gamerule. On Bedrock Edition you can do this in your settings (you will need to enable cheats). On Java and Bedrock Edition you can also type this command: “/gamerule doWeatherCycle false”. This will disable the weather cycle.

Stopping Rain

Oh no! It’s raining, how do you stop it now? First try to sleep. You will be able to sleep if it is a thunderstorm or it is night. If you are able to sleep, when you wake up when the weather will be clear. The other way to stop rain is to simply use cheats by typing the following command: “/weather clear”.

Fun Facts about Rain

1. In some biomes, such as the tundra, it snows instead of rains.
2. If you get high enough in any biome, it starts to snow instead of rain.
3. In hot biomes, such as the desert, it doesn’t rain.
4. Mimicking real life, if you go above the clouds there is no rain.
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