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What does punch do in Minecraft?

What is punch?

Punch is a Minecraft enchantment that can be applied to bows. This increases the knockback received from a bow shot. For example, a normal bow might knock you back two blocks (depending on the shot), while a bow enchanted with Punch I might knock you back four or five blocks.

How can you obtain Punch?

Punch can be put on a bow via enchantment table or through an anvil. If you decide to enchant your bow through an anvil, you will need to acquire a punch enchantment book which you can acquire in various ways; including fishing and chest loot. Note that the punch enchantment has two levels: level one and level two.

When is Punch useful?

Punch is a very useful enchantment as it is compatible with several other bow enchantments. For that reason, it is very useful to put on a bow in a pvp fight, in case you are being chased and need a head start. Punch is also used in several Minecraft mini-games where most likely, you will get knocked into the void.

Countering a Punch bow

Punch bows are pretty simple to counter; just place blocks behind you so you can’t be knocked anywhere. Just be careful because, unlike knockback swords, punch bows can be used at range when you’re least expecting it.
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