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How to check an item’s durability in Minecraft

Durability references the number of “uses” an item has left before it breaks. Any tool, weapon, or item that completes a specific task usually has a durability so as to not make its use “overpowered”.
Some items are more durable than others! For example, a diamond sword is more durable (has more durability) than a gold sword.

How do I see the durability?

In Minecraft, the durability of an item is shown by the bar at the bottom of the item. The smaller the bar is, the less durability you have; this is also represented by the color of the bar (red being the lowest durability and green having the highest).
To see the exact durability of an item, press F3 + H on your keyboard. Unfortunately, this only works on java edition. There is no way to do so on bedrock edition unless you install a mod.

Enchantments can increase durability

The Mending enchantment book can increase the durability of an item using experience points. Simply hold the item you want to repair while collecting experience (with the enchantment on the item, of course), and its durability will increase.
The Unbreaking enchantment book can increase the amount of time it takes for an item's durability to diminish. There are three levels to this enchantment.

How do I increase durability?

To increase the durability of an item, simply combine it with another item with low durability to get a combined durability on one item.

Fun Fact about Durability

Each time you use an item it loses one durability point. However, if you use an item with an unintended purpose (e.g. using a sword to mine wood instead of fighting), it will lose two durability points.
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