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Mining fatigue in Minecraft

Mining fatigue is a minecraft enchantment that drastically increases the time it takes for a player to mine a block. With Mining fatigue it can take several minutes to simply mine a piece of glass.

How do I obtain Mining Fatigue?

Mining fatigue can only be obtained by finding an ocean monument with an elder guardian. Once within range, the elder guardian will give you the unwanted effect.

Famous Uses

Mining fatigue has been used or been a part of several famous instances in Minecraft history, such as i) the Former Minecraft Speedrun World Record, ii) Dream SMP, and iii) All Advancements Speedrun World Record (required for the run).
Mining fatigue thus has an extremely detrimental effect and does not provide any use to a player. Fortunately, the effect is extremely rare and serves more as an infrequent annoyance.
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