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How to swim in Minecraft

Swimming is an essential Minecraft feature. It is a way to travel fast in water and can be done almost instantly. This blog post will highlight how you swim, its uses, and some fun facts.
Swimming is done by tapping your forward button/key twice in water. As a default this key should be set to “w”. Make sure you are submerged in water as you cannot swim while most of your character is above the water. Note that you cannot swim with 3 or less hunger just as you can not sprint.
Swimming is useful as it is faster than just wading across water and allows you to explore the amazing deep oceans of Minecraft. You lose barely any hunger while swimming and it is a very reliable source of travel in Minecraft.
In terms of speed, swimming is slower than boating. However, if you can swim alongside dolphins, you can go way faster than boats. The more dolphins you have next to you, the faster you are. Swimming with dolphin’s grace can ultimately be faster than sprint-jumping as well.
Swimming is essential for players to explore the deep depth of the Minecraft oceans. You can’t explore Minecraft’s breathtaking underwater caves or loot shipwrecks without swimming.

Fun fact about Swimming in Minecraft

Players have found that by using trapdoors or a simple water bucket, you can get into a swimming position and mine in a 1 block tall area. This is much more efficient than regular mining. Maybe use it in your next mining session!
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