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What is quick charge in Minecraft?

Quick charge is a Minecraft crossbow enchantment that decreases the time required to load a crossbow. The higher the enchantment level, the faster it takes to reload. Quick charge is a decently useful enchantment as it allows you to constantly shoot your opponent(s) in combat.

How do I get quick charge?

Quick charge levels one and two can be put onto a crossbow using an enchanting table, however level three can only be acquired by combining two quick charge two books in an anvil or by finding a book (or crossbow with the enchantment applied) in a loot chest in places such as bastion remnants.


Quick charge can only be out on a crossbow and is compatible with all other crossbow enchantments. There are three levels of quick charge with quick charge three being the highest. Using commands however, you can get quick charge enchantments that are much larger than three (as is the case with all enchantments).


As stated before the quick charge enchantment is very useful in combat as you can constantly shoot your opponents with arrows. This makes the crossbow an even better alternative to the bow as you can shoot just as fast with more power (you can shoot with a bow almost instantly but it does less damage than a fully charged shot). Don’t get ahead of yourself though, as you can use up all your arrows in a matter of seconds.

Fun fact

If you use commands to get a quick charge enchantment higher than five, the reload time goes from almost zero into the negatives. This means that the crossbow is essentially unusable.
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