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How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft

There is no way to tame a polar bear in Minecraft, but there are still a lot of useful game mechanics that make a polar bear useful.


While polar bears can’t be tamed, they can still be transported with boats and minecarts. Simply place the boat or Minecart near them, and they will automatically enter the vehicle and you will be able to transport them to your home base!


Killing polar bears provides a player with raw cod, and while you can’t feed a polar bear with the fish, you can feed yourself!

Water & Land

Similar to real life, polar bears in Minecraft can walk on land and swim in water. You will always find them in cold biomes such as tundras and ice biomes.


Polar bears are neutral mobs, meaning that they will not attack you unless you attack them first. However, if you approach their babies, polar bears will immediately turn hostile.

Fun Fact about Polar Bears

One of Mojang’s lead developers, Jeb, added polar bears into the game because his wife likes them.
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