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Where to find spruce wood in Minecraft

Spruce wood is one of Minecaft’s many wood types and can be a wonderful addition to your Minecraft builds, or just help you survive as you progress through the game. This blog post will highlight how to obtain spruce wood and all of it’s uses.

Method 1 (Mining from a Spruce Tree)

1. Locate a taiga, mega taiga, a snowy taiga, or a mountain biome.
2. Look around for a spruce tree. These trees have dark green leaves and dark black logs.
3. Using any tool, mine the the logs and they should drop as an item. Note that an axe will make this process faster.

Method 2 (Mining from Spruce Logs)

1. Locate a taiga village.
2. Part of the village will be constructed out of spruce logs. You can mine these and they will drop as an item.

Method 3 (Chest Looting)

1. Locate a taiga village.
2. Inside the houses you may find chests. Some might have spruce wood inside.

Method 4 (Mining Shipwrecks)

1. Locate a shipwreck.
2. Look around underwater. Parts of the shipwreck may be made out of spruce logs. You can mine these and they will drop as an item.

Uses of spruce wood

Spruce wood has the same uses as other wood types. They can be crafted into planks which have numerous uses such as making crafting table and sticks. Spruce wood can also be used to craft items such as campfires. Wood opens up the world of Minecraft!
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