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What do cows eat in Minecraft?

Cows are an extremely common Minecraft mob, and feeding them can provide a player with several benefits. This blog post will tell you what cows eat, how to feed them, and why you should do so.

What do cows eat?

Cows only eat wheat which can be obtained by growing seeds planted on grass or by taking them from villages.

How do I feed a cow?

To feed a cow simply right click the cow with wheat on a computer or click the “Feed” button on a mobile device. You will know the cow has been fed by the red hearts that surround it.


By feeding two cows in close proximity you cause them to breed, producing a third, baby cow. Therefore, feeding cows can lead to increasing their population.


Cows provide milk and raw beef. Milk can be used to make items such as cakes as well as remove potion effects. Beef can be cooked into steak for a good food source.
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