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What do frogs eat in Minecraft?

As of 2023, frogs are a relatively new edition to the game, but they already have several uses. This blog post will highlight what frogs eat, and how a player can use the capabilities of frogs to their advantage!

What can a player feed a frog?

Frogs only eat slimeballs. This is indeed interesting food sources, but the little things won’t accept anything else! You can obtain slimeballs by killing slimes in swamps. Fortunately, frogs also live in swamps, as well as mangrove swamps!

How do I feed a frog?

To feed a frog, simply right click on the frog with a slime ball. You can tell if you have fed it if red hearts appear around the frog.

How do I breed frogs?

To breed frogs, simply feed two frogs that are within a few blocks of each other. Make sure the two frogs you breed are next to water, as that is the condition that needs to be satisfied if they are to lay frogspawn. The frogspawn will eventually hatch into tadpoles which grow into frogs. A long process for sure, but definitely worth it!

Fun Fact about Frogs

While a player can feed a frog slimeballs, frogs will also eat small magma cubes if they drift too close to them. However, this cannot happen naturally because magma cubes only spawn in the nether. Thus, the player must bring either the frog or a magma cube across a dimension. However, if a frog does eat a magma cube, the frog drops a frog light for the player!
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