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What do dolphins eat in Minecraft?

Dolphins are one of the cutest Minecraft mobs, but there are several ways that players can use them to their advantage. This blog post will highlight what dolphins eat in Minecraft, as well as how dolphins can help you, in your own world!

What foods can a player feed dolphins?

Players can feed dolphins raw cod or raw salmon. This must be in its original form, and not in a bucket. Dolphins will not take tropical fish or cooked fish. To feed a dolphin, simply right click on the dolphin with your food. You cannot breed dolphins, but feeding them has its uses!

Why should I feed dolphins in Minecraft?

Upon being fed, dolphins will lead players towards an underwater structure. While they might not take you all the way, they will bring you closer, and after feeding them a couple times, you will have arrived at an underwater structure.

What are the different types of underwater structures?

Ocean ruins and shipwrecks are the two main types of underwater structures. Shipwrecks are by far more useful because of their several loot chests that sometimes contain several minerals such as iron and diamonds. Ocean ruins, however, can have loot chests.

Where can I find dolphins in Minecraft?

Dolphins spawn only in the ocean. While in real life some dolphins live in rivers, Minecraft dolphins will not be found in rivers. Also, dolphins only spawn in warmer oceans so you will not find them in frozen or cold oceans.

Fun Fact

Another interesting way to use dolphins is by swimming next to them. By swimming next to dolphins, your swimming speed will dramatically increase to the point where you are swimming faster than a boat could sail. The more dolphins you have, the faster you swim. Speedrunners use this feature to cross large oceans faster!
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