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What does loyalty do in Minecraft?

Loyalty is an extremely useful Minecraft enchantment. This blog post will highlight what exactly it is, and its numerous uses!

What is loyalty?

Loyalty is an enchantment that can only be applied to tridents. With the loyalty enchantment on a trident, whenever you throw it, the trident will always (eventually) come back to you. Loyalty, single handedly makes tridents a useful weapon because without the enchantment tridents are, for the most part, a one use item.

How do I get loyalty?

Loyalty can be acquired by enchanting a trident in an enchanting table or simply combining a loyalty enchantment book with a trident inside an anvil. In rare scenarios, the drowned mob could be holding a loyalty trident, and there is a small chance it will drop the trident upon death.

How do I use loyalty?

Loyalty is always active on a trident. The trident will always come back after you throw it. It cannot be destroyed or picked up by another player. However, if you drop the trident as an item, it will not return to you.

What are the enchantment levels of loyalty?

Loyalty has three levels of enchantment: Loyalty I, II, and III. The higher the loyalty level, the faster the trident will return to you after you have thrown it.

What enchantments does loyalty work with?

Loyalty works with all trident enchantments including impaling, and channeling, but it cannot be combined with riptide. This is because the fundamental use of the riptide trident is not for it to be thrown, but rather to provide passage through water.
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