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What is respiration in Minecraft?

Respiration is a Minecraft enchantment that can be applied to a helmet. It increases a player’s breathing ability underwater by up to 45 seconds. Note that after 45 seconds, the player can still stay underwater, but they start taking water damage.
Respiration can be obtained by applying an enchantment book to a helmet in an anvil. It can also be enchanted using an enchantment table and lapis lazuli.
Respiration is extremely useful when you need to spend a long time underwater. This could be for looting underwater structures, fighting in an ocean monument, or even running from a player on a multiplayer server.
Respiration is compatible with a turtle helmet which provides you with an extra ten seconds of underwater breathing. It is also compatible with aqua affinity (also applied to a helmet) which allows you to mine underwater. Depth strider is also an enchantment that can be applied to boots. This enchantment enables you to swim faster underwater, perfectly compatible with respiration.
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