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How rare is a pink sheep in Minecraft?

The natural spawn of pink sheep is considered one of the rarest occurrences in Minecraft. Each sheep has roughly 0.164% of being a pink sheep, meaning about 1 in every thousand sheep that spawn are pink.
Although pink sheep can spawn naturally, other colors, such as purple, lime, and blue do not spawn naturally. The only natural sheep colors are black, white, gray, white gray, brown, and, of course, pink.
While pink sheep spawn naturally, white sheep can also be dyed pink using pink dye. Therefore, it isn’t difficult to make a pink sheep but rather to naturally find one. To get pink dye, simply find a pink flower and convert into dye. Then simply right click the sheep with the dye to change its color.

Fun Fact about Pink Sheep

The world record for the fastest time to find a pink sheep is under one second! The player got incredibly lucky to have one spawn right when they started the world.
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