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How to get Sugar in Minecraft

Sugar is an essential ingredient in a few Minecraft foods and in potions. There are numerous ways to get sugar and this blog post will highlight all of them.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Locate sugarcane (You can find it growing by water in any biome).
2. Place the sugarcane into a crafting grid or table and it will craft into sugar.

Method 2 (also Crafting)

1. Use a bottle to collect honey from a beehive (the beehive needs to have honey, meaning that pollinated bees have to have gone into it).
2. Place the bottle of honey into a crafting grid or table and it will craft into three sugar.

Method 3 (Mob Drops)

1. Find a witch (you can either do this in the night or find one in a cave).
2. Upon death, the witch has a chance to drop sugar.
3. Note that looting on a sword does not increase the chance of getting sugar but rather increases the amount of sugar dropped.

Uses of Sugar in Minecraft

Sugar can be used to craft a fermented spider eye (used for brewing) as well as cake and pumpkin pie (food). Sugar is also required to brew a mundane potion as well as potions of swiftness. Sugar can also be fed to horses to increase their health.
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