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How to make a button in Minecraft

Buttons are one of Minecraft's most useful redstone components. Here are the ways to make them!

Method 1 (Finding)

You can locate a stronghold and find buttons next to some doors or you can find buttons on houses in desert villages.

Method 2 (crafting)

1. Acquire any time of plank or stone (note cobblestone).
2. Put your item of choice in a crafting table/grid.
3. One item should craft into one button. Done!

Uses of Buttons in Minecraft

Buttons are one of redstone’s most vital features. Once pressed they can activate a redstone signal and there is a couple second delay before the signal deactivates. This is unlike levers where the signal only changes when you flick it again.

Fun facts about Buttons

Wooden buttons have a longer delay before a redstone signal deactivates. Along with that, wooden buttons can be activated by shooting an arrow at it while stone one's can’t. Something to think about when you decide which type you’re going to use…
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