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How to plant sugar cane in Minecraft

Sugar cane (yes, with a space - not “sugarcane”) is a very useful Minecraft plant, used to make various different items. This blog post will highlight how to get sugar cane and its uses.


Sugar cane can be planted under two conditions. The first condition is that the block it is planted on is touching water (touching by edge, not corner). The second condition is that the block it is planted on is one of the following: grass, dirt, rooted dirt, coarse dirt, mycelium, podzol, sand, red sand, mud, and moss. Sugar cane can be planted up to three blocks high, but can naturally generate four blocks high.


Over the years, players have found ways to automatically farm sugar cane. Essentially, they have sugar cane planted, and with observers, can detect when it gets three blocks tall. Once it does, the observers will power pistons to break the sugar cane, leaving the original sugar cane block as it is. The sugar cane will then be collected into hoppers.

Uses of Sugar Cane in Minecraft

Sugar cane can be used to make sugar and paper which are both very useful items. Sugar is used to make many foods as well as potions while paper is used to make books, fireworks, etc. Sugar cane can also be composted in a composter.
Fun fact: Sugar cane can be bonemealed in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, but not in the Java edition of Minecraft.
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