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How to play Bedwars in Minecraft

Bedwars is one of the most popular Minecraft minigames, with hundreds of players playing at a time, and hundreds of players making innovations to different techniques to better their skill at the game. Bedwars is available exclusively on a Minecraft server called Hypixel where there are many different modes and ways to play the game. All you need is a Minecraft account!

Basics of Bedwars

Bedwars is a multiplayer game where your goal is to be the last person/team standing. You have your own island (over the void) and your goal is to bridge to the mainland and other islands to obtain diamonds and emeralds. These are currency that, along with gold and iron which spawn at your base, can be used to buy things such as blocks, weapons, and enchantments.

Playthrough Rules of Bedwars

In Bedwars, players (including you) have a bed that respawns you on your island if you die by falling into the void, getting killed by a player, or other means. If your bed gets broken by an enemy player, you can’t respawn so if you die it is game over! Naturally, you’ll want to defend your bed with blocks and other means so that players can’t break it easily.

Breaking Beds in Bedwars

You can break enemy beds by bridging to their island, breaking their defenses, and attempting to break their bed. Beds take less than a second to break but blocks surrounding the bed can take much longer. Most likely, a player will have surrounded their bed with wool and might have added other layers to their defense such as wood and endstone. As you might know from playing regular Minecraft, these blocks can take a while to mine and that is where the purpose of tools comes into play. Tools such as pickaxes and axes can break blocks much faster giving you a better chance at breaking that bed! You can also use TNT which ignites once you place it to blow up a bed defense.

Buying Items in Bedwars

In bedwars, there is a shop where you can buy items with your currency. Some items are permanent and some are not. You can also buy upgrades such as traps and protection for your armor. By killing players you can get whatever iron, gold, diamonds, or emeralds they are carrying.

Different Modes in Bedwars

If solo Bedwars is too hard for you, you can always play Bedwars with a team, in modes such as 4v4s, 3v3v3v3s, and much more. There is also a special Bedwars mode that changes every so often that involves a little twist to the game.
Have fun playing Bedwars!
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