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How to make Black Concrete in Minecraft

Black Concrete is a rarely used block in Minecraft, but it has its advantages. This blog post will highlight all of those along with how to make it and it’s uses.

Steps to making black concrete

1. Obtain black dye. To learn more about how to make black dye, visit our blog post that describes how to make black dye in detail.
2. Obtain four sand and four gravel and put them in a crafting table with black dye as shown below to craft eight concrete powder.
3. Either place the concrete powder on the ground and place water over it or place the concrete powder in water.
4. Mine the concrete with a pickaxe. Done!

Uses of Black Concrete

Black concrete is a decorative block, used as an alternative to wool or terracotta. The colors in concrete are much bolder and as a result, many builders prefer it to its alternatives. The block also has a fairly satisfying sound when placed.
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