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Minecraft Seed Generation

Seed generation in Minecraft is an interesting concept. This blog post will highlight all the things you need to know about seeds.

What is seed generation?

Is it when seeds grow in your Minecraft world? Not really. Instead, seed generation is how your world is created. When you create a new world, it is generated using a random seed. This seed determines everything about the world such as biome locations, every individual block, structures, and even mobs.

How do I figure out my seed?

To figure out your seed in Minecraft Bedrock edition, simply go to your world settings and scroll down until you find the seed field. If you have already created the world, a string of numbers or letters will be there that cannot be changed. If you are creating the world, you can enter any seed you desire or you can click “create world” which will generate a random seed.
To determine your seed in Java edition, simply type “/seed” in your chat window. The seed will appear in the chat window. Speedrunners will often do this after completing a run to prove that they have not edited the world (other people can look through the seed and see that everything is the same as when the speedrunner went through the world).

Why is seed generation useful?

Seed generation is useful because of how it adds an extra element to Minecraft. Whenever you load a world and obtain a new seed, you can copy that seed and use it to create another world, and you will load the exact same one. Other players can load the same seed you have and play the exact same world (although it will not be multiplayer; they will be on their own version of the same world).
The below is the Java Version of the seed: “Kodeclik” in version 1.19. See if you can load the same world!
The below is the Bedrock version of the seed: “Kodeclik” in version 1.19. See if you can load the same world!

Fun Facts about seeds

1. Minecraft Bedrock has seed templates which contain useful structures such as villages at the start of your world.
2. When generated by Minecraft, seeds will only contain numbers, but they can contain letters too; capital and lowercase letters make a difference!
3. The chance of getting the same seed twice when creating Minecraft worlds is so low, it will most likely never happen in the history of Minecraft.
4. Some seeds that are completely different have been known to generate part of their world in the exact same manner, an interesting phenomenon.
5. It used to be that you could not enter the seed “0” as your seed. However youtuber ibxtoycat found the seed 0 as being equivalent to the seed “creashaks organzine”. This is a interesting finding.
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