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Luck of the Sea in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Luck of the sea is an enchantment that can be applied to a fishing rod. This enchantment increases the chance of fishing rare items out of water. For example, with luck of the sea, the chances of fishing a saddle out of water would improve. There are three levels of the enchantment and each one further increases the chances of getting rare items.

How can you obtain luck of the sea?

Luck of the sea can be applied to a fishing rod in two ways. The first way is to use an enchantment table. Simply open the enchantment table, place the fishing rod inside along with lapis lazuli. Once you have done this there is a chance you will be able to enchant the rod with luck of the sea. The second method is with an anvil. Simply obtain a luck of the sea book through various loot chests and use an anvil to apply it onto your fishing rod!
To craft a fishing rod simply place three sticks and two string in a crafting table in the formation shown below:

When is luck of the sea useful?

Luck of the sea is a very useful enchantment as it is compatible with another fishing rod enchantment called lure. Lure decreases the amount of time you spend fishing, as it “lures” items and fish faster to your fishing rod. Combined with luck of the sea, you can increase your fishing efficiency several times over!

Fun Fact!

You don’t need to be next to an ocean or river to fish. Simply make your own small pond, and you can still fish, this time right next to your base! However, this might not work in later versions of the game.
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