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Lush Caves in Minecraft

Lush caves are huge green caves introduced in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. Of all the Minecraft caves, the lush caves are the most filled with life. You can find many objects and species in lush caves, from boring stone to food and underwater animals. There is no doubt that lush caves are extremely useful and this blog post will highlight everything there is to know about these wonderful caves!

Where can you find lush caves?

Lush caves, as the name suggests, are found underground. You can easily find them by looking for azalea trees on the surface and digging down. You’ll find lush caves one hundred percent of the time! These caves are only found in the overworld; not in the end or in the nether. They are huge and can span hundreds of blocks in any direction!
Lush caves are filled with azalea greenery such as glow berries as well as huge amounts of water. Inside the underground water, you can find axolotls, glow squids, and even tropical fish; they are a haven of life. Moss covers the floor while glow berries light up the roof; these caves are a sight to enjoy.

What are the uses of lush caves?

Lush caves contain plenty of axolotls, making them the perfect place to find your new pet. All the new flowers and greenery are a great addition to your gardening; or maybe even your traps (the dripleaf is a plant that can force the player down upon them standing on it). Even the glowberries have their uses, being a (potential) food source.
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