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How to make a shovel in Minecraft

Shovels are one of the most essential tools in Minecraft. This blog post will show you every way to get a shovel and how you can use them.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire one of any of the following items: wooden plank, iron ingot, cobblestone, gold ingot, or diamond.
2. Place the item in the top middle cell of your crafting table.
3. Place two sticks under your item.
4. Craft your shovel. Done!

Method 2 (Drops)

1. Look around during the night or in caves for zombies.
2. If a zombie is holding a shovel, you can kill it and it has a chance to drop the shovel.
3. Note that if you have looting on your sword, the chance the zombie has to drop the shovel will increase.

Method 3 (Trading)

1. Find a village.
2. Find a toolsmith villager or assign the toolsmith job to a villager.
3. Toolsmiths have a chance to sell different tiers of shovels depending on how they are leveled up.

Method 4 (Finding)

1. Locate a ruined portal.
2. Look through the loot chest.
3. There is a chance you will find an enchanted golden shovel.

Uses of Shovels in Minecraft

Shovels have many uses such as being the tool to mine blocks such as dirt, clay, gravel and sand. Right clicking with a shovel will turn dirt into a path block, a nice detail if you want to use it. The different types of shovels are wooden, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite.
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