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How to vote for Mineraft mobs

The Minecraft Mob Vote is one of the most anticipated events in the Minecraft community each year. The annual event has changed so many things about the game we know and love today. This blog post will describe in detail the history of the mob vote as well as how to vote yourself!

Who can vote?

The only people who can vote for the new Minecraft mobs are people with Minecraft accounts, be they Bedrock ones or Java ones. Voting can be done on the Minecraft launchers for either Java or Bedrock or on the official Minecraft website: minecraft.net. You get to cast one vote for a mob, out of just a few options.

When can you vote?

Note that you only have a limited time to vote, so vote while you can! Voting occurs during Minecraft live, so it happens only once a year for a short period of time. Thus, pay attention to the live stream! Before Minecraft Live and the actual voting, Mojang releases teasers and introduces you to the new possible mobs. It's a huge buildup!


Here are the results of the previous Minecaft mobs instated by voting. The mobs that won the vote for each year are bolded:


1. Phantom
2. Barnacle
3. Wildfire
4. Great Hunger


1. Glow Squid
2. Moobloom
3. Iceologer


1. Allay
2. Glare
3. Copper Golem


1. Sniffer
2. Rascal
3. Tuff Golem
Cast your vote for the next mob - Vote to make a difference!
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