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What is a dirt block in Minecraft?

The dirt block is probably one of the most iconic Minecraft blocks (if there ever was one). They have little use, but rest assured this blog post will cover anything you might want to do with this basic block.

Method 1 (Breaking)

Using a shovel (or any tool, although a shovel is faster) break a grass/dirt block and pick it up. Dirt blocks are found in almost every biome (some biomes such as deserts do not contain any dirt blocks). Make sure you are not mining with silk touch as if you break a grass block, you will obtain a grass block, not a dirt block.

Method 2 (via an Enderman)

If by chance, an Enderman is holding a dirt block, it will drop it upon death; although killing one itself might be a challenge.

Method 3 (from a Creeper/TNT)

Creeper holes are iconic within the Minecraft world. When a creeper (or tnt) explodes, it's typically over dirt or grass, meaning that you can get a bunch of blocks from just one explosion.

Uses of Dirt Blocks in Minecraft

As said before, dirt has little to no uses. Its primary uses include building and farming. Dirt is one of the only blocks that can be tilled by a hoe, and farmed one; it is also one of the only blocks that can turn into a path block (via shovel). Since dirt is so easy to obtain, you can acquire it easily and might be a good block to use for building, towering, etc.
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