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How to make a sea lantern in Minecraft

Sea lanterns are nice, decorative blocks that are a must for a well furnished structure. This blog post will highlight all the ways to get sea lanterns as well as their uses.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire five prismarine crystals and four prismarine shards.
2. Place them in a crafting table to craft a sea lantern.
Note that prismarine crystals and shards can be obtained by mining prismarine blocks, killing elder guardians, and even mining sea lanterns (without silk touch) to name a few methods.

Method 2 (Mining)

1. Locate an ocean monument/ruin.
2. With a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch break a sea lantern.
3. The block should drop as an item you can pick up.

Uses of Sea Lanterns

Sea lanterns are essential in activating conduits which enable players to breathe underwater. Along with that, they are an excellent light source and are used by many master builders. They don’t have many uses, but they are aesthetically beautiful!
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