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How to make iron bars in Minecraft

Iron bars are one of Minecraft’s more cruder items. Nevertheless, they have they’re uses and there are several different ways to acquire them. This blog post will highlight them all.

Method 1 (Crafting)

1. Acquire six iron ingots.
2. Place the ingots in a crafting table to craft 16 iron bars. Done!
Six iron ingots for 16 iron bars yields a 3 to 8 conversion rate. Pretty good!

Method 2 (Finding)

1. Find iron bars that have naturally been generated in any of the following locations: end towers, strongholds, woodland mansions, igloos, some villlages, and ruined portals.
2. You can mine iron bars in the above locations with any type of pickaxe, even a wooden one.


Iron bars can be perfect for sprucing up your prison cell in your world, but they also have some practical uses. When placed around them, they can speed up the process of curing a zombie villager. Overall, iron bars might not be the most useful item in the game, but they definitely can be important.

Fun fact

Mobs can attack you through iron bars!
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